Project Trillion

  • Public wallet address: N/A, has not been created yet.
  • Currents wallet holdings: 0 SHIB
  • Current USD holdings (from donations or ad revenue -- to be put into the $SHIB wallet ASAP): $0

Project Trillion is an ambitious project that aims to obtain one trillion Shiba Inu ($SHIB) tokens. We will obtain this by both donations and ad revenue.

With those tokens, we will do a combination of giveaways + using the SHIB in projects of our own, such as for a game's virtual currency. Either way, the SHIB will flow back into the community, but with utility.

As of 8/22/22, one trillion SHIB would be roughly $13,000,000. This seems like an impossible goal to hit, but it would only take a couple billion page views to make pretty significant money from ad revenue, which will 100% go into this project aside from web hosting expenses. Even if we do not reach 1T, we hope to still make an impact and to have fun with these giveaways and projects.

Everything will be 100% transparent, and we are not anonymous so a rug pull or scam would not be in our best interest at all. The wallet address will be public, and the community can see ALL transactions coming in and out of the wallet, and screenshots of ad revenue payments will be posted here as well to ensure that all of it is going toward the project.